Future Forecasts

I’ll be up front, I see patterns in data, in solar activity, the response of solar activity on the planets electromagnetics. Often I see mistakes in data models and in most of my long range forecasts I do not use existing modelling as there are huge gaps in the data being integrated into those models. I use raw data trends and use my understanding of the solar/cosmic forcing on our atmosphere and oceans which encompasses the global electric circuit.

****Note: These forecasts are my opinion based on my knowledge, experience and observations. I do not sell my forecasts and they should only be used as a guide like all weather and climate models are. I have had a very high success rate in forecasting in the last 3 years predicting LaNina, IOD and Antarctic Polar Vortex intensity.

No current climate model is accurate, no current weather model is accurate. Most current weather models are less than 40% accurate, with all climate model predictions not actually occurring as forecast when benchmarked against raw data afterwards.

I recommend if you are interested in seeing how the facts do not match the forecasts, see my page suggested-links-and-other-content to view details on a fantastic book edited by Dr. Jennifer Marohasy called “Climate Change the Facts 2020” which describes much of the fallacy of climate change predictions.

Australian Climate and Weather driver forecasts

I will attempt to forecast 12 months ahead on the following items with some being event forecasts and others being above or below average:

  • ENSO – ElNino/LaNina
  • PDO – Pacific interdecadal Oscillation
  • IOD – Indian Ocean Diapole
  • Antarctic Sea Ice volume
  • Antarctic Polar Vortex strength and size