All of the previous pages list individually items that are capable of causing massive impacts on our lives and how we survive. This page will be a combined page which I hope to show the linkages and timelines of many of these. If you are aware and prepared, then you should not be scared. This page is about awareness, not alarmism, nor will I be attempting to sell a book or advertisement.

What is Catastrophism?

Catastrophism is the theory that the Earth has largely been shaped by sudden, short-lived, violent events, possibly worldwide in scope. This however conflicts with the slow and steady, wind, water, ice and sand erosion does everything over immense periods of time. Catastrophism has been proposed by many but the most recognised is Immanuel Velikovsky who is best known for research performed in 1940s when living in New York City. His main ideas in this area were summarized in an affidavit of November 1942, and two privately published Scripta Academica pamphlets, Theses for the Reconstruction of Ancient History (1945) and Cosmos without Gravitation (1946).

Many other proponents of catastrophism have written pieces with some becoming classified by the CIA, with redacted versions of their books being released with little or not way to build the full story again. One of these books hit the media and social media heavily in the last 2 years. A book by Author Chan Thomas who it is assumed wrote the piece for the CIA, which describes a rapid magnetic pole shift that destabilizes the earths crust allowing it too slip and generate enormous earthquakes, volcanic explosions and enormous tsunami waves from the rapid deceleration of the crust, which after examination seems like a distraction piece to me.


Why am I presenting this?

Recently many people have started examining any and all data, statements, alignments with historical papers, petroglyphs, ice core data, rare earth metal finds, and many new things have come too light that potentially show a strong link to the earth having a regular and cyclical rebirth cycle for its inhabitants. Whilst many consider this to be a conspiracy, the mounting evidence linking earths history to some of these stories are 1 of two things.

  • Specialized diversion tactic to keep specific people busy; or
  • It is real and too keep humanity stable they withhold these facts

Multiple religions, previous civilizations, and remote groups have documented past events that were seen in the sky, and how the ground broke and shifted, there were massive floods and more. Journal Paper after paper are being released recently, with a presentation of snippets of the bigger picture as many scientists doing research into previous civilizations are unable to draw a conclusion wider than what they see directly within their own results.

I am presenting this as an awareness moment. There is a growing body of knowledge in catastrophism as during 2020 many people were afforded much more time to research. However many have gone overboard and are now selling books and pushing agendas that unfortunately break down the value of their traditional base.

I suggest spending time viewing the following and potentially reading the aforementioned Chan Thomas book.

I do not believe there is need to present timelines for catastrophe as it would be near impossible to define a timeline, as there is no raw data “facts” that are consistently calculatable. Those proposing a date based on religious texts, carbon dating, and cycles that fluctuate a year here and there are not backing dates with calculatable data. I suggest that you consider viewing the following sites and playlists as they present data, facts, and do not try and sell pamphlet sized/styled books for ridiculous $$.

More coming soon including links to Journal Papers that create a breadcrumb to build the big picture.

Warning too all.

Catastrophism can bring out the most passionate conversation as it is often belief based vs being fact based. Much like a conversation between a religious person and an atheist, will often be a very painful and frustrating event.

Don’t decide without your own research – I am quite concerned with how many people instantly believe data presented by many social media influencers. Blind faith is toxic and 2020/21 has shown how many people are willing to blindly follow without questioning.

Question everything – If you are unable to confirm the statements made by influencers, then they are unlikely to be correct, and if they are the single source of an idea that cannot be cross examined they are unlikely to be true. Many of these influencers do present excellent facts, but then overlay these facts with their opinion that is not always backed with fact.